Our Mission

To proclaim the Everlasting Gospel of Jesus Christ;  to continue His ministry, serving the world around us through the power of the Holy Spirit while awaiting our Lord's Return.

  • "To proclaim the Everlasting Gospel ....."  We are committed to  declaring the   message of God's righteousness and it's timeliness as revealed by the Three Angels of Revelation 14.
  • "of Jesus Christ....."  We believe that the Good News is both from Christ and about Him. From the beginning to end, we are saved by faith, which itself is His gift of grace.
  • "by continuing His ministry ....." We are called to discipleship in ALL areas of life, and we thus choose to walk in the path of servant- hood, becoming obedient unto death.
  • "serving the world around us .... "  We acknowledge that this world is ALREADY Christ's, both by Creation and Redemption, and that God has called us individually and corporately to be care-givers of His grace.
  • "through the power of the Holy Spirit ....."  We acknowledge that it is God's eternal presence which  takes us from death to life. We submit to Him who empowers us with every heavenly gift for the enlightenment of minds and the healing of broken relationships.
  • "while awaiting our Lord's Return"  Jesus is coming again! We hasten to receive and apply His promises to our lives in anticipation of reunion with the One whose grace saves us.

"Every struggle of life has it's purpose."....."The patient endurance needed for the Great Tribulations of tomorrow comes by patiently enduring the trials of today." ...."Crisis reveals character, it doesn't build it, it reveals the character that we have already formed prior to the crisis."......Pastor Eric Alindogan