Kindergarten and Primary Classes


Ten questions about people in the Bible.  The first letters of the first nine answers spell the answer to # 10.

1.  In the parable told by Jesus, who was it that helped a man who had been robbed and wounded.

      0 Priest
      0 Levite
      0 Samaritan
2.  What was the name of the older brother of Moses?

      0 Able
      0 Aaron
       0 Reuben

3.  What was the name of Abraham's son.

      0 Cain
      0 Able
       0 Isaac

4.  Whom did God tell to build the Ark?

     answer:  ___________(One word)

5.  Which disciple was known as Doubting  ............... ?

     0 Thomas  

6.  Which one of the disciples denied knowing Jesus?

      0 Thomas
      0 Peter
      0 James

7.  Who was the first of the disciples of Jesus?

      0 Simon Peter
       0 Andrew
      0 Matthew
8.  What was the city where Abraham lived?

      0 Ur
      0 Nazareth
      0 Jerusalem

9.  Which Gospel writer was a doctor?

      0 Matthew
      0 Mark
       0 Luke

10. The first letters of the answers to questions 1 to 9 spell the name of a man who was converted to Christ on the road to Damascus.  Originally named Saul, he is known by this name.  Write his name in full.  (see hint)

      Answer: ________________ (Two words - 5 letters and four letters  (title
        and first name))   

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